News and Analysis (9/13/10)

Constitutional amendments that move power from the military to the civilian government pass handily:

As MFI’s president explains to students that while “America is unique in allowing any religion and any kind of speech,” but that drawing parallels between the Manhattan Islamic center Qur’an burning is “misguided” …

… a recent poll shows that the work of MFI in the cause of reason, tolerance, and good-will has a long road ahead:

Despite the incapacity of the Pakistani government to distribute enough aid, efficiently and/or quickly enough, Pakistani Muslims effected by the flood make the best of the worst:

“In the past year,” Ariel Rosenberg, the spokesman of the Israeli Ministry of Construction writes, “the situation in the area under discussion has significantly worsened and the guards are witness to extremely hostile activity”:

“We changed the message to be a celebration of the freedom to read. Instead of burning, we should engage with those ideas,” said Barbara Jones, director of the Chicago library association’s Office for Intellectual Freedom

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