News and Analysis (9/15/10)

Supreme Court Justice Breyer equates the burning of the Qur’an with shouting fire in a crowded theater, although it seems to us a comparison to shouting “fighting words” is more appropriate …

… but the New York Civil Liberties Union says Derek Fenton’s “First Amendment rights probably were violated” when he was “fired for burning the Koran while off-duty”:

Iran’s internal struggle over the release of the American hiker is worthy of study:

A federal appeals court granted a new hearing to a Muslim woman in considering whether you lose your first amendment rights when in a holding cell awaiting a decision on a community service extension deadline:

Re-defining chutzpah, after condemning the Muslim-American community’s bid to build a Muslim community center in lower Manhattan, the ADL now offers “to help American Muslim communities that are facing opposition to the building of mosques”:

“Opponents claim the charges mask an attempt by Erdogan to silence critics, but the government, in its second term and gearing up for elections in 2011, says the removal of the military’s shadow over politics is overdue”:

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