News and Analysis (9/20/10)

The quandary, even violence, that may be provoked by the ruling in the Babri mosque controversy underlines the difficulty of defending property rights in areas of emotionally charged communal conflict:

“We have to realize that God’s law is not an alternative to the human mind, nor is it supposed to put it out of action…. Openness is life, while being closed off and isolated is suicidal”:

“In the midst of worsening violence around the country, and with the second post-invasion parliamentary election on September 18, writer and comedian Hanif Hangam says his show is the only program exposing politicians’ corruption”:

“I do not know any individuals or structures here that could be defined as Wahhabi. It is the attempt of political labeling and stigmatizing people who want reforms” — Ramadan Ramadani, imam of the Isa Beg mosque in Skopje:

Khamenei’s plea “what the Holy Koran has taught us is the opposite of what [some Americans allegedly] did … was ignored by his followers in Kashmir”:

With over 4 million Arabs in the West Bank and Gaza and perhaps another one million part of Israel’s current  7.2 million people, “Annexation” would only hasten the arrival date of an Arab majority in an expanded Israel:

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