News and Analysis (9/21/10)

The absence of an Islamic contract, which should be evidence the women were forced into marriage is instead used as an excuse to disqualify the victims’ children from Iraqi citizenship:

“If society inhibits women from whatever they want to wear, that is a problem,” says Silma Ihram of the Muslim Woman’s Network of Australia, stressing the importance of individual freedom of choice, whether it be to dye her hair orange or to wear a burqa …

… while in the only province in Indonesia trying to enforce a Muslim dress code, women protest that the state is only trying to distract from more pressing issues, like the economy:

Limited knowledge and experience of scholars, “the majority of [whom] haven’t gone outside their village”, explains the radicalization of small town mullahs; (trans-oceanic traveler Pastor Jones doesn’t have this excuse):

Khoji Akbar Turajonzoda says blaming Islamists for every problem “only makes heroes of those who bring no good;” the former supreme mufti seeks a “a secular, but not an anti-religious, Tajikistan” …

… and “chronic poverty and a Soviet-style crackdown on religion is furthering the growth of radical Islam in Tajikistan”:

“Mahdi Bray, a Muslim leader from MAS Freedom, said that he believes the Park51 Islamic center should be seen as “a symbol of reconciliation, a symbol of unity and a symbol of mutual respect”:

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