News and Analysis (9/22/10)

Woodward reports that U.S. intelligence diagnosed Karzai as a manic depressive” and Pakistan as a “dishonest partner,” and despite Obama’s insistence, the military never did come up with an exit plan:

“Hamas refuses to say who has been arrested, a policy that has sparked a furious rumor mill since the arrests began earlier in September”:

French sculptor Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi originally intended the Statue of Liberty (“New York’s most prominent Muslim”) to be placed at the entrance to the Suez Canal:

Seven employees of a uranium mine in the former French colony of “Niger run by French state-owned nuclear power giant Areva, were abducted by armed men”:

Calling “for a national week of dialogue starting around Oct. 22, when mosques will hold open houses … [to] “allay tensions caused by Park51 and to ‘build bridges of understanding that unite and strengthen our nation’ “:

“86.7% of Egyptian families who contribute to charity, 97% bestow part of their income to fulfill the zakat. The study adds that 75.3% of the spending came in the form of gifts, donations, iftar banquets during Ramadan”:

With “the feel of a real mosque … in the epicenter of capitalism — New York City, the World Trade Center — … you had this island of spiritualism.” — Zafar Sareshwala, a financial executive for the Parsoli Corporation:

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