News and Analysis (9/23/10)

In the face of what her sister calls the judge’s bias, Aafia Siqqiqui’s advice to supporters is: “Don’t get angry…. Forgive Judge Berman”:

Religious studies in public primary and secondary education would increase cultural literacy, and may have a dampening effect on xenophobia from ignorance …

… however religious studies in public schools would only worsen turf battles and politics out of public school boards:

In a country where “[s]ecurity forces – in full riot gear and plain clothes – always outnumber protestors,” even a small demonstration is big news that “some Egyptians at least, are not intimidated by the system anymore”:

A rebel announcement that they would be satisfied with “a status similar to a U.S. state” bodes well for peace:

As Obama continues to view the peace talks through rose-colored glasses,

“Some staunch supporters of the establishment have made no secret of their opinions, saying the party is finished”:

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