News and Analysis (9/30/10)

“Many Muslim scholars say that America is the most shari’ah compliant nation in the world, because it has maintained the vision of its founders as a model of justice, even though the practice has not always reflected this vision”:

As Israel scornfully dismisses a U.N. report that it executed passengers on the Turkish relief ship, Jewish activists contradict Israeli claims that no violence was used against them when soldiers seized the catamaran Irene:

An Indian court rules that “the disputed site is the birthplace of Lord Ram,” and that the demolished mosque had been “built against the tenets of Islam. Thus, it cannot have the character of a mosque”:

Actions have consequences; Pakistani reacts against NATO raids into Pakistan with what the CIA calls Blowback:

Exercising his freedom of speech, Glen Friedman hangs an Islamic banner (along with 8 others) in a window that “gazes directly down onto the ‘Ground Zero’ site”:

The founding of the University of Notre Dame and Brandeis University signaled a changing tide in public opinion for Catholics and Jews; can Zaytuna College do the same for the Muslim American community?

A interview with the a GOP nominee for the House of Representatives in South Carolina demonstrates (too well) an entertaining combination of politics and ignorance:

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