News and Analysis (10/1/10)

As a Gitmo detainee goes to trial in New York the chaos predicted by fear-mongers fails to materialize, but the difficulties of finding an unbiased jury become apparent:

“The smear campaign waged against Muslims over the past few months has been a painful reminder of how — especially in a country where gross ignorance of religion is the norm — opportunistic blowhards can easily manipulate matters of alleged supernatural significance”:

Amidst commandos on alert and paramilitary marching the streets, there was (thankfully) no violence, only prayers “for the prevalence of peace and harmony” following the ruling on the Babri Mosque:

The Muslim American community instituting sharia into the American legal system is just as likely as the orthodox Jewish community instituting halakha into the American legal system …

… and Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison asks, “And where is Sharia being imposed in America?  Give me an example of what he is even talking about. I have no idea what he is talking about”:

“Sharif El-Gamal said the proposed community center’s fame has generated large interest from potential sponsors, despite doubts among some that the project can raise the necessary $120 million to $140 million”:






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