News and Analysis (10/7/10)

In a debate in New York, Islamic scholar Tariq Ramadan to writer Christopher Hitchens:  “He has more of a problem with religion than with Islam”:

“”Everyone has their opinion, ‘Oh no that’s haram [forbidden], you can’t do that. But for me, it’s always about finding that balance and still looking good,” Alaa Ellaboudy, who runs the blog Hijabulous (“A hijabi’s guide to staying fabulous”):

With Turkish defense expenditures to a nascent Turkish defense industry approaching $3 billion, should Turkey be concerned with the problems of a “military-industrial-complex”?

“Weighing in on the controversy surrounding an Islamic Center being built in New York two blocks from the Sept. 11 attacks, Clinton suggested dedicating the proposed building to the 60 Muslim victims of the attacks”:

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