News and Analysis (10/12/10)

“NATO said initially [Linda] Norgrove was killed by her captors. On Monday, however, alliance officials said new information indicated Norgrove may have been killed by a U.S. grenade”:

“The government is targeting an American citizen for death without any legal process whatsoever, while at the same time impeding lawyers from challenging that death sentence and the government’s sweeping claim of authority to issue it,” says Anthony Romero, ACLU Executive Director:

Chastised by Muslims for testing the limits of free speech in America with his support of terrorism, Samir Khan moved out to edit an online magazine (in English) from al-Qaida’s arm in Yemen:

Islamophobe Geert Wilders’ attempt to pretend his opinions are factual statements are slapped down by the court; the fact that a million people voted for him doesn’t make his statements true:

“It is still unclear whether the elder Mubarak is ready to retire. The presidential election is scheduled for 2012, and it is not inconceivable that Hosni Mubarak will announce that he is game for another term in office”:

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