News and Analysis (10/13/10)

“The United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit ruled last summer that it was legal for federal authorities to secretly plant GPS devices on a car, even if it is parked in a private driveway”:

According to a “recent poll … 50 per cent of Jewish teenagers do not want Arabs in their classes” and “59 per cent are fine with” the fact “that Palestinian citizens of Israel do not have equal rights” …

… Meanwhile, the charges atmosphere poses “a challenge to Israeli security forces posted to secure the [olive] harvest”:

The Israeli occupation of Palestine, both directly in its discrimination against Christians and indirectly by fueling antagonism between Muslims and Christians spurs the exodus of Christians form the Middle East:

“‘[W]e will stand with the people and government of Lebanon – and with all elements in the Lebanese nation – until they achieve all their goals,’ Ahmadinejad said, adding that both countries oppose Israeli aggression”:

“I guess I came to say that I believe what I said before was wrong,” says Yousef al-Khattab (f/k/a Joseph Cohen) about leaving the hate group he helped to found:

“[S]urveys show that 40 percent of those with Turkish origins who have earned degrees here in Germany return to Turkey because they don’t feel at home here,” says Vural Öger, a Turkish immigrant to Germany:

“[G]iven Germany’s history, any attempt to strengthen the powers of the police or the intelligence services is sure to spark opposition”:






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