News and Analysis (10/14/10)

“If the allegations prove true, they could tarnish the push for detention reform by President Barack Obama. His administration has ushered in improvements in detainee conditions in Afghanistan”:

A move by the Egyptian regime to clamp down on text messages months before the presidential election should be interpreted as nothing but an attempt to clamp down on political speech:

“I have confidence the international court and the prosecutor will take this case” — father of the American citizen killed by the Israeli soldiers:

The social forces that eroded the Jim Crow laws in the U.S. can be seen in France; while politicians cultivate antagonism against minorities, businesses seek to meet needs:

If the Texas State Board of Education wants “textbook companies to provide less information about Islam and the Arab world” it is up to the r4est of us to warn that “we can’t afford ignorance”:

Is the madness about to end? As the government asks the judge to deny Sami Al-Arian’s right to defend himself, his lawyers call for a dismissal of all charges:

Court rules that “that trial judges must respect their religious rights by allowing witnesses to testify about their religious beliefs and compelling them to remove a niqab in as few cases as possible.”:

Authorities did not offer any evidence to back up their allegations:






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