News and Analysis (10/15/10)

The State of Israel should take heed to the fact that its policies play a key role in bringing together Hezbollah and Ahmadinejad:

The Israeli army told the villagers to clear out of Al Arakib “temporarily in 1951,” but the state then declared the village “abandoned and expropriated it” and now “have razed the village five times since late July, sparking cries of ethnic cleansing”:

O’Reilly’s reluctant apology for equating the terrorists of the 9/11 with the Muslims of the Park51 project:

France’s recent moves against the Roma and the burqa in France are a case of too much fraternité and not enough liberté:

Imports and exports, two sides of the same coin, are both necessary to a prospering economy; with more imports now open to Gaza for “humanitarian” reasons, the tunnels are adapting to exports:






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