News and Analysis (10/18/10)

Exploitation of Islamophobic hysteria is not limited to media figures like Bill O’Reilly and paranoid bloggers who see terrorists hiding in soup cans; “socialist millionaire professor’’ Martin “Peretz has the social and economic guns to … to be defended by even those who acknowledge his bigotry, and finally be honored at the highest levels of American academia:’

Dr Larbi Sadiki argues the good will generated by international collaboration on Arab-designed projects “may constitute the basis for a pluralist and liberal vision,” shifting emphasis away “from selfish statism and conflict to communal interests and co-operation”:

“The government’s poor record on this front is one of the main obstacles in Karzai’s bid to get insurgents to reconcile and join the political process,” said Sayed Sharif Yousofy, of the Afghani reconciliation office:

“A creative synthesis that is seen by Islamists as ‘Islamic’, and by secularists as ‘secular’, is very possible” since “the Islamic ideal was never the self-absorbed asceticism, but the practical ethicality”:

Attorney says holding of football hero was a “gross abuse of the government’s narrow power” of a statute that “allows prosecutors to hold citizens without charging them to ensure that they are available to testify against others”:

As “Zeitoun’s wife had taken the children to safety” from Hurricane Katrina, “he remained to look after their property, paddled about the flooded area in his canoe, rescued several people, fed some abandoned dogs, then – without provocation – was arrested and held incommunicado for many days”:

The presence of OIC and about a dozen Muslim counties “shows we are on a common path. We are not alone,” according to Michael Steiner, Germany’s special envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan:






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