News and Analysis (10/19/10)

Leadership Council member says Muslims are not doing enough in “educating the public and allaying their fears of Muslims in the mosque, what goes on in the mosque”:

Ratings of the ruling Christian Democratic (CDU) and Free Democratic parties “have slumped so badly this year because of economic problems that their opponents accuse them of using Islam as a scapegoat”:

Turkey’s “Higher Education Board has instructed Istanbul University that it can no longer expel students for violating the dress code”:

Are the abuses of the Suharto days over? “”I promise you, if it does turn out these abuses were carried out recently, we’ll find out who was responsible and we’ll come down hard” — Lt. Col. Susilo, provincial military spokesman:

A soldier’s testimony “that he was ordered to erase two cell phone videos of the massacre scene” has many wondering:

Late in the game, Sudan’s defense minister objects to a secession vote before deciding what are the borders or how oil revenues will be decided:

A violent daylight assault on Chechnya’s parliament …  has shattered the Kremlin narrative that peace and order are being restored” under Ramzan Kadyrov’s leadership:






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