News and Analysis (10/22/10)

As Israel Ramps Up Settlement Building, Rachel Corrie’s parent sue “the state of Israel, for a nominal one dollar, for allowing, and at some points encouraging, its soldiers to act with impunity”:

“[T]he foundation of [journalists’] greater freedoms – the millionaire businessmen who opened up a generation of private media, full of criticism of authority – are just as vulnerable to government pressure as their predecessors:

“[T]he best way to support a negotiated settlement would be to leave Iraq”:

“The aid does not include any building materials [which is what is needed most], which the Egyptian authorities did not allow, as part of the agreement permitting the activists to enter Gaza for three days”:

An imam invites fired NPR host “Juan Williams to to meet with Muslims to have a serious and honest dialogue”:

Wilders’ motion “to dismiss the judges because one said that Wilders appeared to be dodging debate by remaining silent in court … was rejected,” but:

A movie fictionalizing the Islamic punk-rock scene, following a book by the same author, works to make Muslim-American youth culture comfortable in the orbit of American counterculture:

Dutch retrial ordered for Wilders hate speech case

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