News and Analysis (10/25/10)

Just one day after the NY Times reported Karzai gets “slush funds” fro Iran, the Afghan president reveals that the USA and the UAE also contribute to “official presidential expenses”:

As Tony Blair says that the threat of militant Islam echoes that of fascism, his sister-in-law converts to Islam, hoping “her conversion would help Blair change his presumptions about Islam”:

The “Vatican summit … criticized Israel and urged the Jewish state to end its occupation of Palestinian territories”:

An August poll “found that 75 percent of New Yorkers had never visited a mosque, and that those who had, or who had a close Muslim friend, were more likely to support the Muslim center planned in Lower Manhattan”:

Harrassment affects “women whether or not they wear the conservative Muslim headscarf and reaching the point were women avoid the streets”:

Anti-jihadi activists like the blogger Pamela Geller, the author Robert Spencer, the investigator Stephen Emerson, and the “think tank denizen” Frank Gaffney make their living professionally by hyping up the threat of Muslims:






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