News and Analysis (10/26/10)

The unarmed Afghan mullah “seemed friendly. He didn’t seem to have any sort of animosity towards us,” but he was murdered and his body mutilated and evidence planted to make it appear that he was hostile:

Saddam’s Christian foreign minister refused to testify against his former boss and now will be executed on charges “related to a crackdown on an uprising led by Shia Muslim parties in the early 1990s”:

“Tuesday’s arrests bring the number of Brotherhood members arrested to about 250 since the group announced on Oct. 9 its decision to participate in the elections. Police say they have detained 160 in the past week alone”:

Even if there is little new in the WikiLeaks Iraq war files, they emphasize the “great irony of the US war in Iraq; that the invasion … did more to inspire al-Qaeda activity in Iraq than it did to undermine it”:

Alma Adan, a 32-year-old Somali immigrant and youth counselor argues that it is up to Muslims to convince Swedes that their “[f]ear that their country is being taken away from them” is not justified:

“NPR missed a prime opportunity to use Williams’ political gaffe as a teachable moment for the entire country”:

“[Imam Rauf] called on all Muslims in the United States and the world to work to eliminate prejudices against Islam, while noting that the real Islam portrayed by Islamic figures such as Yunus Emre and Ahmet Yesevi should be introduced to other people”:






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