News and Analysis (10/27/10)

“I wasn’t sure just how serious Aziz was with his offer – although having spent time with the former head of the Unscom weapons inspections team, Scott Ritter, I was pretty sure that Aziz was telling the truth about WMD”:

“While striking down the proof-of-citizenship requirement, the court let stand the other key provision of the law which requires people to provide identification before being allowed to cast a ballot”:

Although prohibited by Islamic law, forced marriages are problem among Muslims in Germany that proposed legislation will seek to solve with a five year prison sentence:

Despite the disruptions of “airstrikes and special operations,” “Taliban commanders who are captured or killed are often replaced in a matter of days” and their forces “appear confident that they can outlast an American troop buildup set to subside beginning next July”:

“As you kill, you will be killed. As you capture, you will be captured. And as you threaten our security, your security will be threatened. The way to safeguard your security is to cease your oppression…”:






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