News and Analysis (10/29/10)

Farooque Ahmed said wanted to kill soldiers abroad, but the FBI persuaded him to target DC METRO stations instead …

… with unexpected consequences for the local Muslim community …

… “I wish I could just be myself. We have freedom of speech in this country, but we’re not always free to say what we think. We have to watch who we talk to and what we say. It’s not cool. ” — Miriam Abdrahmaan, Muslim funeral service operator:

“If Malaysia truly wants to take the global leadership in promoting moderation in Islam, then the first steps must be taken at home to protect the democratic space for debate and differences of opinion.” — Ratna Osman, program manager for Sister in Islam:

A week after canceling a trip to the Sikh Golden Temple, in part due to concerns that the Sikh practice of covering the head would be construed as Islamic, Obama schedules a speech at a mosque in Indonesia:

“Any person of any faith will identify himself as a believer first, and a patriot second. When I wear my modest attire, including a scarf on my head, I am saying “God and Country” — in that order”:

“ Al Wafd would boycott the elections if the government’s obstinacy towards the party and the refusal of its right to air its political advertisements continues.” Al Wafd Spokesman Mohamed Sherdi:






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