News and Analysis (11/2/10)

Does conservatism equal authenticity? An interesting Bloggingheads discussion on feminism in Islam:

Scorning the fact the mosques have been exclusively Muslim places of worship for over a thousand years, Israel “seeks to consecrate its fait accompli of Palestinian land and history by laying false historical claims”:

“It is well known that the United States believes it is important for all aspects of the case to be conducted fairly and transparently and in a way that increases confidence in the rule of law in Malaysia” — Hillary Clinton:

“Jordan has accused Israel of seizing the scrolls from a museum in East Jerusalem during the 1967 Six-Day War”:

Allegations of women converts to Islam being held “in Egyptian monasteries to be forced to return to Christianity” is excuse for threats of attacks “Christians across the Middle East”:

Comments  that Maher “won’t apologize” for being alarmed by the fact that “Muhammad” (in its variant spellings) is now the most popular name for babies in Britain shows that Islamophobia is not the monopoly of the Right:

An emergency room physician at the University of Michigan suggests “intake questionnaires where patients can list their religious concerns and values” as well as “more modest hospital gowns or … wearing their own clothing”:






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