News and Analysis (11/3/10)

As an Indonesian worries that the new political order in the U.S. means Obama can’t bring peace to Israel and Palestine, an Israeli worries that it means he won’t be able to attack Iran:

The opening of Gaza’s borders has drastically decreased the use of Gaza’s smuggling tunnels, proving the importance of open commerce in stabilization of areas of conflict:

As tensions over drone strikes “are further exacerbated by news of NATO helicopters … killing Pakistani soldiers … anti-American sentiment will only continue to rise, despite billions of dollars of aid being promised”:

The “youthful-looking man with an easy smile” describes his job as a “lawyer, a defender and a liaison between the community and the government of the city”:

“[W]ith so many FBI agents chasing a guy whose ‘guilt’ was mostly in exercising his First Amendment rights, the FBI missed another fellow flitting around Florida, a real terrorist with blood on his mind, Mohammed Atta”:

“We’ve reports that (intelligence) agencies are up to some mischief and if something untoward happens (during the President Obama’s visit) it should not be attributed to militants” — the United Jehad Council:






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