News and Analysis (11/4/10)

“An Oklahoma Muslim filed a federal lawsuit on Thursday to block a state constitutional amendment … that would prohibit state courts from considering international law or Islamic law when deciding cases”:

“Al Qaeda has been able to say, ‘We’ve been telling you Yemen is under Western military attack. And it has been catching on”:

“Hate has always been a lucrative industry, and these days the industry works non-stop attacking Muslims and denigrating their faith”:

“YouTube spokeswoman Victoria Grand said the videos by Anwar Awlaki violated the site’s guidelines prohibiting ‘incitement to commit violent acts’ “:

“[Allah Akbar] proclaims our wish to live in peace with our neighbours, our God, our fellow humans, both Muslim and non-Muslim. Or, failing that, in the current climate, just to be left to live in peace would be nice”:

National security measures can not shield from every asymmetric threat from terrorist groups, but Yemen attempts to try at a cost to business:






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