News and Analysis (11/8/10)

Over 100 terrorists have been captured or killed in the past year in Indonesia, but uprooting extremism requires means such as education and the strengthening civil society, including mainstream religion:

By presenting “a mirror image of al-Qaeda’s arguments about the inherent perversities of the infidel West … Islamophobes have actually declared war on normalcy, not extremism”:

An articulate call for the Muslim world to bring back the past glory of the Abbasid period with advances in education, religious liberty, the status of women, democracy, and intra-religious unity:

“An Israeli colonel said at this trial that there are no civilians in a war zone. But there are. If that hadn’t been the army’s attitude, maybe my daughter would still be with us” — Cindy Corrie, mother of Rachel Corrie:

A Wisconsin Muslim “encourages members of the community who are curious about Islam or the Muslim faith to come to the mosque and said they will be welcomed”:

“With 400,000 new pieces of evidence screaming for justice, the question still needs to be asked: where is the rage at the revelations brought on by the release of the Iraq war logs?”:






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