News and Analysis (11/10/10)

Obama pledged “to reshape American relations with Muslim nations so they were not ‘focused solely on security issues,’ but rather on expanded cooperation across a broad range of areas, from science to education”:

“[T]he suspension of talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA) … [over] illegal Jewish settlements, has provided an opportunity for the gap between Hamas and Fatah to be bridged”:

After the attack on the Baghdad church, “[s]ecurity was beefed up around churches in Baghdad after the massacre, possibly pushing the militants to seek easier targets, such as Christian homes”:

“… Indonesia has proved that Islam and democracy can coexist and that modernity and moderation are possible in the world’s most populous Muslim country”:

China is “home to about 60,000 ethnic Chinese Muslims and boasts 1,300 years of Islamic history”:

Circumstances are compelling the West to reconsider its rejection of the hard currency system of the Sunnah:






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