News and Analysis (11/12/10)

“[M]arked by a dramatic walkout by Iraqiya, the main Sunni-backed bloc, in protest over what it said was the coalition partners’ decision to renege on an agreement hours after it was signed”:

And now, from the people who brought you the Scopes trial:

Some Saudi intellectuals are worried by the influx of investment and development in and around Mecca, but shouldn’t be; there is nothing impious about wealth well-earned:

As a man who described the Muslim conception of God as a “primitive Bedouin” and is accused of sarcastically claiming to be God becomes the first Muslim arrested in the West Bank for religious dissent …

… Israelis take offense at an upcoming Turkish action film romanticizing a fictional special-ops team clashing with IDF forces …

… but in more uplifting news, Chile’s Education Minister demonstrates the country’s commitment to social freedom:

“[A] narrow focus of blame on named Muslim organisations and groups for allegedly failing to counter al-Awlaki’s support for al-Qaeda … invariably serves to deflect attention from more fundamental collective and institutional failings in attempts to prevent violent extremism”:






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