News and Analysis (11/17/10)

Blogger Kareem Amer jailed for calling Mubarak a “symbol of tyranny” and Prophet Muhammad (saws) “a spiller of blood” is freed ten days after the end of his sentence:

“… the ACLU argues that the Obama administration is violating the constitutional” prohibitions of unreasonable seizures deprivation of citizens’  life or liberty without receiving the due process of law”:

Unintended consequences of 30 years of sanctions meant for the Iranian regime, but affecting the Persian people:

After 18 years of Israeli military “occupation of southern Lebanon in 2000, U.N. surveyors split Ghajar between Lebanon and the Israeli-controlled Golan, but Israel reoccupied the northern half in the 2006 war”:

The recent attacks on the Coptic Christian community remind us how important the freedom of worship is to a tolerant and diverse society:






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