News and Analysis (11/19/10)

The commemoration of  Hajjar (Haggar)’s trials in the hajj teaches an American feminist that “God not only hears my prayers and answers them, but that He makes no distinction between the prayers of men and women”:

Egypt takes billions in foreign aid from the U.S., but rejects “Washington’s call for foreign monitors to observe the country’s coming parliamentary elections, describing it as meddling in its internal affairs”:

An al-Qaeda spokesman demands the French negotiate with bin Ladin “according to his conditions”:

“The United Nations says that in 2010, 55 Palestinians, including 22 civilians, have been killed by Israeli military action in Gaza”:

Analysis of the Ghalani case by six legal experts, policymakers, and human rights activists:

“Human Rights Watch urged Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Kuwait to do more to protect domestic workers in their countries, saying a string of allegations point to a ‘broader pattern of abuse’ “:

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