News and Analysis (11/22/10)

Both Jewish and Catholic law can, and are, brought to secular courts on civil cases concerning marriage, divorce and contract law, and herein lies the objection to the OK law on the basis of religious discrimination:

With perpetrators sentenced to only “15 and six years each in prison for the wartime torture and killing of 700 Muslims in eastern Bosnia”:

Animal rights activist Amina Abaza makes an Islamic case for humane slaughtering, or no slaughtering at all on Id al-Adha, on the premise of the compassion of Islam:

Women score “Pakistan’s first Asian Games gold medal in eight years”:

“The Brotherhood alleged the government was rigging the polls in different ways, including moving polling stations from their original locations and removing Brotherhood candidates without giving a reason”:

She has appealed her conviction, but a provincial official delivering her petition for clemency is optimistic about her release one way or another:

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