News and Analysis (11/23/10)

Potentially assisted by the Pakistani regime, who the U.S. gives billions in aid every year, a representative of the Taliban turns out to be pulling our leg, after we butter him up with “a lot of money”:

“Ironically, this toxic cocktail of enmity serves the ultra-Jewish nationalists. So lurid and bloodthirsty is much of the anti-Israel/Jewish rhetoric pouring from the Muslim world that it is easy to convince Jewish public opinion that ‘Arabs don’t want peace’ “:

Escaping political-economic situations in Africa, dozens of “economic refugees” have been shot by Egyptian border guards on their way into Israel, now Israel is building more walls:

A Muslim lawmaker agrees “to consider a resolution to better protect Christians to keep them in Iraq” as his Christian colleague lambasts “nations that have offered asylum to the minority as meddling in Iraq’s problems”:






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