News and Analysis (11/24/10)

Egypt’s denial of a license to for Coptic Christian house of worship leads to around 93 arrested, thirty injured, and hundreds protesting in the streets:

A sign that “fissures that developed between the Ahmadinejad government and conservatives in Parliament during last year’s wave of protests have yet to be closed,” the complaint could be a step to impeachment:

It is neither illegal nor unusual, but Sharif El-Gamal’s request for taxpayer dollars to fund the Manhattan Islamic Center is asking for bad public relations:

The allegations shock “the tens of thousands of Somalis in the Minneapolis area, who fled civil war and famine to build new lives in the United States and now wonder how some of their youths could have strayed so far”:

Israel’s referendum law makes for a sad day for those who saw the Two-State Solution as the road to peace and freedom; an analysis by realist and author of The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy Stephen Walt:

His assertion that he “he had no plans to consummate the marriage until the girl reached puberty” didn’t help, “especially when he went on to say he also intended to marry two other girls, aged 7 and 9”:






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