News and Analysis (11/29/10)

“The surgeon in the holy city of Medina knows her father, also her male guardian, is violating Islamic law by forcibly keeping her single”:

Wikileaks brings to light some pretty icky stuff, reminding us “that sunshine is the best disinfectant” …

… among the most important points is the extent in which “Muslim governments engage in policies of which they know their citizens will not approve”:

Arson provokes Muslim leaders to call for more protection “days after a Somali-American man was accused of trying to blow up a van full of explosives during Portland’s Christmas tree lighting ceremony”:

The first chief of operations of the CIA’s Counter Proliferation Division asserts that if “US is to enjoy any credibility on non-proliferation in the Middle East, it will either have to change its policy toward Israel, or change its broader non-proliferation policy”:

Along with the grant of citizenship to church leaders that paves the way for returning other property, the return of the orphanage illustrates the AKP’s efforts to reform Turkey’s  record on human rights:

Islamic law prohibits denying the lineage of a child; “[o]pen adoption, which keeps contact between the adoptee and his biological family may be the answer”:

“Senft said that despite bouts with depression, his son was still deployed to Afghanistan even though he didn’t want to go and believed his military records would have indicated his mental instability”:

“If you ask MC Kash, he’s just speaking the truth. But Kashmir’s breakout rapper’s songs court rebellion and could land him in jail”:






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