News and Analysis (11/30/10)

5,000 “young Yemenis have so far volunteered to contribute to the country’s media campaign, two hundred of which will work with [Amr] Khaled and his U.K.-based organization to … confront extremism”:

“We have a choice. Peace, nonintervention, and low government expenditures? Or perpetual war and out-of-control government? Knowing the legal consequences of his brave action, Bradley Manning made an apparently difficult choice. For us, it’s not a hard choice at all” …

… yet Israel, miraculously spared evidence of any hypocrisy between public and private positions apparent with the Arab and other states in the leaked material, draws an opposite conclusion calling for an attack on Iran

… although it is the West that has turned its back on Iran’s  agreement “to exchange its low-enriched uranium in Turkey for nuclear fuel processed abroad”:

The FBI sought to avoid suspicion of entrapment in its sting operation against Mohamed Mohamud:

Human rights groups echo the Muslim Brotherhood’s allegations that “its lawmakers may be almost entirely swept out of parliament by what it said was rampant rigging, intimidation and vote-buying”:






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