News and Analysis (12/1/10)

There is no proof, but for Iranians there is also no doubt whose hands are behind the assassination-by-bombing attempt to disrupt their nuclear program as well as cyber-attacks with the same objective:

After an attempted Christmas tree lighting car-bombing, the Corvallis community showed their support for a local mosque victimized by an arson attempt; “this is not Corvallis … it is some redneck idiot”:

If Israel was not so preoccupied with building settlements in the West Bank, they could act on this “softening of Hamas’s long-standing position” for the cause of peace:

A talk by Ali Shehata on the reasoning in the hadith and in the Qur’an against radicalism and terrorism, and why the characterization of Muslim terrorists as heroes is just plain wrong:

Forget about fairy Godmothers and knights in shining armor; the author of Love in a Headscarf argues for a “pro-active approach … where the community, the family and the individual work together to locate someone who will make a good life partner”:

The move by … the country’s strongest opposition force and the smaller, secular liberal Wafd party is a blow to this top U.S. ally’s efforts to portray itself as a democracy:






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