News and Analysis (12/2/10)

Video disproves allegations that the captive was killed by his captors:

“Whichever way one looks at it, the cable raises huge issues about the probity or competence of the secretary of state – and the matter will not go away”:

“[J]udiciary officials spent almost an hour in talks with Saharkhizan’s family before the hanging,” in an unsuccessful attempt to persuade them to spare the life of the soccer players “temporary wife”:

(Huffington Post)

“The Palestinian resistance does not work outside the borders of Palestine,” Haniyeh said, suggesting unfounded allegations of an al-Qaida presence in Gaza may be a pretext to color a future Israeli invasion as part of the “global war against terror”:

The incumbent contests the results of his runoff against “the man who embodies the struggle of the disenfranchised, mainly Muslim northern population” even before they are announced:

Another challenge to the freedom of political speech in Europe, spurred by the prejudices of the European extreme-right towards Islam:






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