News and Analysis (12/3/10)

Because making  “terrorists seem ‘ten feet tall’” supports “their narrative that they’re world-historical forces on par with the U.S. — it might be time to publicly de-emphasize terrorism in the public discourse”:

A proposal by activist Asra Nomani to profile Muslims at the airport, and a refutation by American University Professor Akbar Ahmed:

“Report director Andrew Mack says armed conflict in Muslim nations has waned partly because Cold War proxy battles such as the Afghanistan-Soviet Union conflict have ended and independence wars have been resolved”:

India’s religious diversity and secular state, if  “used wisely, it can reinforce India’s civilizational tolerance [and religious liberty] which and reject the counterfeit secularism which divides”:

“Americans of all faiths need to let their elected officials know that we will not let hate and bigotry destroy our nation”:






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