News and Analysis (12/7/10)

Five years ago, a jury refused to convict Sami al-Arian on ANY of the almost one hundred charges brought against him; a juror now steps forward to give the eye-opening story of the deliberations that foiled the unjust prosecution:

Even as he questions whether a president or his aides can order a U.S. citizen assassinated for terrorist activity:

CU-Boulder student who admits DUI but won’t remove headscarf for work-crew photo says she is “not trying to bring Shariah to Colorado”; we guess not, since the Muslim punishment for alcohol consumption is flogging:

While the New York Times and Al-Jazeera publishing Wikileaks info embarrassing to the Arab world, Justin Raimando points out what they somehow managed to overlook …

… and the hammer falls:

The New York Hall of Science opens 1001 Inventions, a exhibition of the scientific, technological, and intellectual advancements throughout the Golden Age of Islam:

A “group that calls itself the Indian Mujaheddin took responsibility for the blast, writing that the bombing was in retaliation for a September court ruling that divided the Babri Masjid holy site between Muslims and Hindus”:






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