Celebrating the Egyptian People’s Peaceful Victory

Celebrating the Egyptian People’s Peaceful Victory

by Sharmin Ahmad (MFI Director)

I feel myself among the most fortunate persons in the world to be at the Tahrir Square to celebrate  Egyptian people’s peaceful victory, Friday, Feb 18.  My Egyptian husband Amr and I  flew from  Costa Rica-U.S.A to celebrate with over 3 million people.

We saw youth volunteering in cleaning up the streets,repairing sidewalks and young and old alike guarding their city. Police, after their brutal attacks on unarmed citizens have fled their posts. Yet, in an almost-no-police-state we found  tremendous sense of peace and felt safe. We walked freely past midnight. Shops were open and people’s spirits were euphoric. Everywhere I was greeted “Welcome to Egypt”.   People  have reclaimed Egypt from the despotic regime and now its theirs to protect and nurture.

No doubt this revolution will go down in history as a model revolution for the world.

Tahrir Square Pictures (This online album has 14 photos and will be available on SkyDrive until 05/25/2011.)

May Allah Bless Egypt and May it become the Model for People’s Peaceful Revolution of the 21st Century.

Sharmin Ahmad
Minaret of Freedom Institute







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