News and Analysis (10/25/2011)

“To gain international financial assistance, the new government needs to prove its commitment to basic human rights. Lingering concerns about extrajudicial killings will set back that effort” …

… but his inglorious burial is an unpromising start; “Throw him in a hole, in the sea, in garbage. No matter. He is lower than a donkey or a dog and only foreigners say they care about how we killed him. And they are lying”:

A Muslim donates money to build a church for the Copts in his village and praises the merit and achievements of a number of Coptic leaders; “All men are created equal”:

“This election helps shatter the myth that Arabs can’t act in a democratic fashion. But now this pioneer nation, whose every move is followed on Arabic satellite TV channels, needs help to shake up its dormant economy and consolidate its revolution”:

Anti-Islamic opinions are suppressed through legal punishment in Egypt while they are avoided by civic pressures in Tennessee:

While the FBI “opposes racial and ethnic discrimination,” they are eager to draw “connections” between crime and the ethnic and racial nature of a society:

The Abu Dhabi Gallup Center released a report in which the key finding was that Muslim Americans are among the most integrated and successful citizens in the United States. Individual civic engagement is an essential tool in countering misconceptions on Islam:

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