New and Analysis (11/1/11)

Expectations that the Obama administration will ask “Congress to find a way both to continue to funding UNESCO, and give the US government flexibility if Palestine is recognized as a member by other, more important UN organizations” raises the question of whether the US will reconsider its anti-Palestinian laws or withdraw from UNESCO the way it did from 1984 to 2002:

“It is worth remembering that centuries ago, many Europeans trekked to the Muslim universities in Islamic Spain for an education, particularly in medicine. The Arabs also have a long enterprise tradition, being adept traders. These qualities, arguably, have been suppressed by dictatorship, under which the only prospect for advancement was in subservience to the ruling elite”:

Asking the hard questions: “Laying Down the Sword offers a timely warning….  Concerning the culpability of the Koran for violent extremism, it proffers a much-needed exoneration. Concerning the relationship between sacred texts, religion and violence, it raises the right questions and sketches the contours of deeper ones”:

The complaint about treatment of Muslims at Catholic University (CU) was filed by a non-Muslim; neither CU nor the filer of the complaint have ever received a complaint from a CU Muslim:

“Egypt’s initial uprising, consisting of both Muslims and Christians [who] flocked to Tahrir Square and called for more rights and social justices, was reminiscent of how some Islamic successors and caliphates to Prophet Mohammad were greeted as political and ecclesiastical liberators and messianic economists for both Christian and Jewish communities”:

“In March, the NGA told Hegab that … the agency maintained its concerns with Nusairat’s “current affiliation with one or more organizations which consist of groups who are organized largely around their non-United States origin,” apparantly refering to Islamic Relief USA:

There is nothing in Islam justifying a Westboro Baptist Church type of disrespect for the dead; if the demonstrators really believe the current wars are wars against Islam, why do they not observe Islamic manners?

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