News and Analysis (11/22/11)

“”Our demands are clear,’ said Khaled El-Sayed, a protester from the Youth Revolution Coalition and a candidate in the upcoming parliamentary election. ‘We want the military council to step down and hand over authority to a national salvation government with full authority.’ He also demanded” trials “for the ‘horrific crimes’ of the past few days, when 29 people were killed in clashes”:
“There was nothing in the IAEA report that makes military action more likely. If anything, it points to the limits of the effectiveness of a military campaign, which would have to be weighed against the risk of starting a potentially catastrophic regional war”…
.. .consequently, the US, Britain, France and Canada decide to increase economic sanctions to “an unprecedented level”…
…while Iran dismisses the act as “propaganda and psychological warfare”…
… and Russia calls it “a violation of international law and an obstruction to constructive dialogue with Tehran”:

With the rise of the Islamist parties in the Arab Spring, both King Abdullah and Mr. Abbas feel to seek reconciliation with Hamas:

“[E]ven those supportive of the Ergenekon probe, which many originally hoped would target such crimes, are becoming increasingly frustrated”:

“When we have so many serious, serious crimes, why are the prosecutors following up these incredibly vague links?” asks Orhan Kemal Cengiz, a human rights lawyer who writes for the Today’s Zaman newspaper.

While Palestinians have long faced violence from both settlers and soldiers, now Jewish Israelis who choose to stand up for the basic human rights of Palestinians, can no longer expect protection from their own government:
 “Islam does not believe in segregating people but calls for their integration with also stress on the message of harmony, women[‘s] freedom to work for the benefit of human society and expects form every righteous man and women to establish a just order in Allah’s land to ensure peace and prosperity”:

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