News and Analysis (1/25/12)

Nearly 1,500 New York Police department officers are trained  to think that American Muslims have plans to infiltrate and dominate America:

Holding that “‘the market economy and free trade … is part and parcel of Islam as a complete way of life,’ and “reminding Westerners” that “Ronald Reagan suggest that the philosophies of Ibn Khaldun, a 14th-century Islamic scholar, anticipated the Laffer Curve by 600 years,” the “group has supported lower taxes” and condemns monopolies:

“The recognition and accommodation of Islamic religious practices, from clothing to language to education, does not mean capitulation to fundamentalism. On the contrary, only by strengthening the democratic rights of Muslim citizens to form associations, join political parties and engage in other aspects of civic life can Europe integrate immigrants and give full meaning to the abstract promise of religious liberty”:

Rushdie speculated that ” the same police who want to arrest Hari, Amitava, Jeet and Ruchir” fabricated threats from violent extremists to keep him away, but the police deny everything:
Leader of the raided group asks why socialists and communists can advocate changing the system by electoral means, but the advocates of an Islamic state cannot? “Don’t I have freedom of expression? Don’t I have freedom of religion? If people have a problem with the belief that I carry that means they have a problem with democracy, with freedom”:

“We are deeply disappointed” that the only U.S. soldier to be punished for the massacre “will receive a punishment that is suitable for a traffic violation” — Anbar provincial council member from Haditha:

As part of an Israeli crackdown thought to be intended to frustrate reconciliation between Fatah and Hamas, Israel has jailed 27 of the Palestinian Legislative Council members 19 of them without trial:

Dissatisfaction with the NTC continues to mount:

“Whatever the conduct of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s government in other realms, its fuel-subsidy reforms in late 2010 are impressive”:

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