News and Analysis (1/26/12)

The commissioner and his deputy admitted to ” involvement in the film [only] after producer Raphael Shore emailed The Times and provided a date and time of the interview” and “the department was found to be fibbing about how many times the film had been screened“:

The exception  for “‘thuggery’ … leaves a loophole for police to continue to use exceptional powers to arrest and detain civilians without cause”:

“The Brotherhood feels little need to push through legislation enforcing an Islamic vision, .. [some] members say, especially since Egyptian society is already deeply religious and conservative. More effective, they say, is influencing the culture. [They] show a confidence that they can … bring the public into their way of life” by example:

After Voices in the Dark, Al Jazeera English’s surprising documentary on revolts in Bahrain, the news agency publishes a video on the prospects of reform in Saudi Arabia that brings mention to the unrest in the Shiite majority eastern cities and women rights:

“I’ll stay on hunger strike until they open the door to me in my niqab,” Ms Hazzi said. “It covers my face, but not my mind”:

 “The real revolution – will happen only when true representatives of citizens, rather than the military, begin to set their countries’ political course”:

“Woman, Muslim, marital rape, human right, victim, domestic violence, harassment: all these words are going to come up in net-searches or tags. Add to it a few ahadith and verses from the Quran that seem patriarchal enough and voila! Recipe for a hit, with many comments under it, commending the bravery and valour of the one who dared to bring it up. Let me be clear here, it is not just about Islam, any religion or ethical code will not allow a human being wronged”…

…a blog post that adequately responds to the following news “hit”:

Muslims who kbnow the accused caution, “Allegations are not facts. Facts are not known yet. As a community, we have known good from both…. We remind the Muslim and non-Muslim community members that, according to the law, both are presumed innocent until proven guilty”:

Things just keep getting worse in Syria:






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