News and Analysis (2/15/12)

The most recent Muslim-Americans denied the right to return to the U.S., his attorney had to travel to Tunisia and “raise hell” with the assistance of a U.S. Senator:

Rand Paul wants to send Egypt an unequivocal message, but Essam el-Erian points out that “a cut in aid would violate the U.S.-brokered 1979 peace agreement with Israel”:

In the wake of bombings in Bangkok, Iran and Israel point fingers at one another over the attack on a dipl0mat that follows the pattern of the Israeli assassinations of Iranian scientists and Israel signals maintaining its nuclear monopoly in the Middle East is the motive for its drive towards war:

On the occasion of the Bahraini February 14 Movement’s anniversary, a comprehensive and worthwhile analysis on the year’s unfolding in Bahrain:

The UN sometimes is good at stating the obvious, but the question is what to DO about it?

“Mohammed Shariff, a New York-based fashion and entertainment lawyer, was there to support his fellow New York Muslims, but he also saw a business opportunity. This was, he thought, just the tip of a future iceberg. ‘When I saw this I thought it was a perfect fit for Muslims and non-Muslims who don’t want to be so revealing'”:

Surprise? Muslims decide whom they will marry arranged marriages are not loveless, women in hijab are neither repressed nor asexual, there are gay Muslims, and Muslim women can escape unhappy marriages:

“It may help to remind some of our less informed and unenlightened ‘Islamistphobes’, that history bears witness to the successful application of governing systems steeped in Islamic law. One need only look at the Abbasid Caliphate, Muslim Spain and the Ottoman Empire as identifiable epochs in the political history of Muslims, where the machinations of just government, effective judiciary and requisite checks and balances were all hallmarks of the Islamic body-politick”:

Three Canadian citizens abducted last November by Israel during their attempts to challenge the illegal blockade in Gaza are now asking the “conservative government [to] press Israel to return the boat and its contents”:

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