News and Analysis (2/16/12)

Ultra-conservative Islamist Presidential candidate Hazem Salah is calling on Egyptians to raise money in order to end the US annual aid to Egypt. But how long will the winning parties survive in Egypt if they fail to free up the economy to the point of self-sufficiency?…

… meanwhile the Muslim Brotherhood “declares that it, and the Egyptian people, will not tolerate any officials if they decide to succumb to the pressure or cover up the accusations or interfere in the business of the judiciary:”

In Israel, justice is subject to ethnicity. While Palestinian convicts are subject to a “political decision,” Israelis are given the opportunity to gain a “pardon” through the president:

Britain wants Abu Qatada tried in “a court in which evidence brought about by torture is not admissible.” The Jordanian prince replies, “That is rich coming from a country that believed in rendition agreements”:

Tunisia’s Grand Mufti responds to the successive visits to Tunisia by radical clerics by saying, “Tunisia has been Islamic for 14 centuries and we don’t need them,” fearing the spread of radical ideology in the country. Yet, is avoiding and suppressing such voices an adequate solution when the majority of Islamic parties grew through regime suppression?
“When Saudi women get a chance to compete for their country, they will raise the flag so high…. Women can achieve a lot, because we are very talented and we are crazy about sports” — Saudi soccer coach Reema Abdullah:

Karzai says secret talks are being held between the US, Afghanistan, and the Taliban, but the Taliban deny such negotiations have taken place; does the truth lie in the middle?

The unintended consequences of NATO’s intervention in Libya, “Thousands of Tuareg moved over the years … to Libya, mainly attracted to the better standard of living there…. As the Qaddafi regime began to fall most of these Tuareg … headed back to Mali … with … weapons and vehicles. The head of the NMLA’s military wing is a former Libyan colonel”:

In Pakistan, extremists and politicians are rallying hand in hand threatening civil disobedience if Pakistan were to reopen its western border to NATO and US military supply for the war. Given the link between the army and the extremists, one wonders who wants what?

A story about Jews and Muslims who “have only praise for each other because they are volunteer paramedics who “are taking note of the most important aspects of their faiths: preserving human lives and justice”:

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