News and Analysis (2/22/12)

” ‘I can tell you one thing, we now have a golden opportunity,’ he said, smiling. ‘And in this golden opportunity, I’m not interested in control. I’m interested in delivering the best charismatic system, a charismatic, democratic system. This is my dream,’ ” says Said Ferjani in this report by Anthony Shadid:
Around 3000 Afghanis protest NATO’s burning of Korans at a U.S. Base. While the debate on whether people are allowed to burn the American flag continues till today in America given the flag’s symbolic value to the American people, the reaction of the Afghanis to the burning of their own symbol was somehow unforeseen by the organization:
Hadi’s victory as sole candidate in a presidential election backed by the US and the GCC countries would give him the legitimacy to draft a new constitution, restructure the armed forces and prepare for multi-party elections in two years’ time., but boycotts and attacks on some of the polls have hindered the voting process:
Fearing an emergency hearing at the High Court of Justice that would have kicked off a broad judicial review of Israeli military courts’ practice of administrative detention, which has been used against thousands of Palestinians over time, Israel has realeased Khader Adnan after 33 days of hunger strike:
While Washington still believes a political solution “is the best way to go”, it has recently opened up the option of arming Syrian rebels. Talks about the international communities plans in Syria will be taking place during the “Friends of Syria” meeting on Friday in Tunis:

Iran is willing to negotiate with the EU a the “earliest opportunity” hoping to have the “best relations possible” with the bloc after the talks with the IAEA have proven fruitless:

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