News and Analysis (3/7/12)

“[T]his dangerous style in the expression of intellectual differences is a threat to peace among the citizens of one country and spreads sedition among them” — Tunisian President Muncef Marzouki :
“One remarkable quality of the Palestinian refugees which Pipes keeps from his readers, is that in the main they, unlike the European colonists who continue to ethnically cleanse them from their homes, may be willing to share their lands with any Jew who will agree to live as equals in a democratic one person one-vote governed country without religious preferences or a foreign ‘chosen colonial people’ imposing an Apartheid regime”:

Aurora’s attempt to prevent a mosque being built outside its city limits violate protections to places of assembly in Dupage County law as well as the federal Religious Land Use and Incarcerated Persons Act:

“A comprehensive survey of U.S. mosques released Wednesday by a group of Muslim and non-Muslim scholars found that most American mosques (56%) use a less literal approach to Islamic texts and teachings that form the basis for Islamic law. By comparison, just 11% follow a traditionalist school of thought, and the rest (31%) take a conservative but still “flexible” approach.” An interesting statistic and campaign, although it is unclear what a “literal” approach to Shariah means:

“Not only did the drone fail, and not only did it crash, it literally crashed into the police.” Yet, the U.S. Congress “wants to allow hundreds of similar drones to fly over US airspace”:

Hamas denies the possibility of supporting Iran in any attack between it and Israel. “The stance underscores Hamas’s rift with its key financial sponsor and its realignment with the Muslim Brotherhood and popular protest movements in the Arab world”:
Defenders say semi-autonomous rule would stabilize the country while keeping it united, but the NTC threatens force to stop it:
“Leading member of the Muslim Brotherhood Ali Bateekh stated on Monday that the Brotherhood will not be nominating a candidate for the presidential race and nor will it be backing a candidate belonging to an Islamist party or movement”:

“[O]nly a handful of people knew that New York City police were secretly gathering intelligence on American citizens who happen to be Muslim. Today, everyone knows, and the value of that intelligence gathering can be freely discussed’ — Kathleen Carroll, AP executive editor:

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