News and Analysis (3/28/12)

Though the federal government says [that the FBI spying and recruitment] … efforts are completely separate, civil rights lawyers and some Muslims have complained that the FBI uses one to accomplish the other”:

The Wall Street Journal refused to publish a letter from a Christian group blaming ” Israeli policy for driving away Christians after their “survey of Christians who live in the occupied Palestinian territories” showed emigration was driven by “the lack of security and stability they feel under Israeli rule” rather than fear of Muslims:

“Ghannouchi said the Islamist party would not “introduce ambiguous definitions into the constitution that risk dividing the people”, adding that “many Tunisians do not have a clear image of sharia and erroneous practices in certain countries have aroused fear”:

“The authors advocate that the Afghan government stop imprisoning women who run away from home to escape abusive situations. Putting woman in jail for this is not supported by the Afghan penal code or Islamic law, say HRW officials”:

The funerals of Muslim volunteers to an elite corps in the French army recently killed by a terrorist who may or may not have acted alone “revealed to France its own changing face, and have made Ms Le Pen’s comments look not just wrongheaded but out of touch”:

As her widower calls for the public to report any knowledge they may have of his wife’s murder to the police, expect no million hijabi march …

… instead, concerns are aired over the impact on the Muslim community should the case prove to be a matter of domestic violence rather than a hate crime, despite the fact that domestic violence is no more prevalent among Muslims than among other Americans:

Christians are significantly underrepresented and women are sorely underrepresented in the constitutional panel, but the walk-out by secularists, leftists, and so-called “liberals” because overwhelmingly Islamist parliament “named nearly 60 of their supporters to the committee” of 100 is a distinctly undemocratic complaint:

The appointment of a man “who lauded a controversial New York City police surveillance program that targeted Muslims and helped lead the opposition to an Islamic cultural center near Ground Zero” has Muslims complaining of the appointee’s lack of credibility in the Muslim and civil liberties communities:

The Muslim “Brotherhood’s emergence has helped draw Sunni Palestinian group Hamas out of the orbit of Syria, Iran and Hezbollah” and opened the door for engagement with Turkey, where ” AK Party, with its Islamist roots, has delivered stellar economic growth that Arab states faced with sky-high popular aspirations are keen to emulate”:

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