News and Analysis (3/29/12)

“This important historical, cultural and religious site has witnessed a terrible offense, which appears to be continuing as Israeli Antiquities Authority excavations persist. Rabbi Hier must realize the grave precedent he is setting by building in a historic Muslim cemetery, and agree to a different location in the interest of mutual respect and tolerance in the Holy Land”:

In Tunisia, the political platform offers two opposing pulls Salafi and Secular that leaves al-Nahda stranded in the middle:
“Fewer than half the leaders of the Arab world showed up at an Arab summit in Baghdad on Thursday, a snub to the Iraqi government, but the leaders agreed on an appeal to Syria‘s regime to stop its bloody crackdown on opponents.
The “God is Great” Brigade has joined the lines of the Syrian rebels. “They swore allegiance to the Free Syrian Army and vowed to topple President Bashar Assad. But unlike many other rebel bands, they wrapped their proclamation in hard-line Islamic language, declaring their fight to be a “jihad,’’ or holy war, and urging others to do the same.”

“Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood-led parliament began drawing up a no-confidence motion against the military-appointed government Thursday, further escalating the Islamists’ increasingly public power struggle with the country’s ruling generals”:

Bahraini Justice, Islamic Affairs and Endowments Minister Sheikh Khalid bin Ali Al Khalifa pledged to take strong actions against political societies that promote sectarianism and any “serious violations” made by clergymen:

Turkey continues trade with Iran despite international sanctions:

“While the total number of mosques in America has climbed 74 percent over the past decade, to more than 2,100, Muslims for Progressive Values has a significant presence in only a dozen cities”:

Held without charge the woman will be “exiled to the Gaza Strip”:

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