News and Analysis (5/10/12)

“[A]s the next round of talks looms on May 23 in Baghdad, questions are being raised about whether the US can – or even intends to – ease sanctions no matter what steps Iran agrees to take”:

In Egypt, pragmatism increases Fotouh’s popularity, particularly among the Salafists in Egypt. The Salafi’s support for Fotouh can be regarded as a sign that they are now endorsing moderation and that their ideology has become politicized upon immersion into a democratic system of elections …

… but conflict proceeds between the Parliament and the generals in Egypt as an administrative court on Wednesday attempts to suspend Egypt’s presidential election scheduled to start for May 23:

“Despite the rapid growth of the media in Afghanistan, many still get their news and commentary during the traditional Friday prayers at the mosque. The Friday sermon usually has one religious lesson — but another section is reserved for current events. The message on one recent Friday at a central Kabul mosque was about corruption”:

“Al-Kidd said he was imprisoned for 16 days, repeatedly strip searched and at times left naked in a jail cell” and that the government falsified an affidavit “to get a judge to sign his arrest warrant, and that the United States falsely imprisoned him and abused his right to due process,” but the perps plead immunity as they were just following orders:

“I believe we are part of a growing global chorus … [of] moderates [that] exist everywhere, in every tradition and in every political environment. There are moderates in Israel. There are moderates in Iran, the Republican Party, the Democratic Party. And what we need to do is … to marginalize the voice of the extremists” — ” Imam Faisal Abdul Rauf:

After three years of silence, captured soldiers family says they are “worried that the government isn’t concerned enough to put him on the [negotiating] table”:

In Germany, clashes have emerged between a a right-wing political party and an Islamic group. In response there are calls for the government to “deny entry to Salafists who are known to be violent, as well as prevent Pro NRW from showing any more anti-Islamic cartoons”:

“Cultural barriers to participation were recently highlighted … when [Saudi Arabia] refused to allow Saudi women to compete in the Olympics. The institutional barrier, by contrast, can be seen in Fifa’s ban on women wearing hijab on the pitch” preventing Iran’s women’s team from completing “their 2012 Olympic second-round qualifying match”:
“It’s my duty and my passion to show another facet of Arab women…. We are very strong, we’re human beings and we have our own personality on our own. We want to be seen like that. We don’t want this projection of the Western world or Islamic culture on us from both sides. We just want to be seen as human beings”:

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